Do not be fooled by counterfeit cases. Our products are made from high quality materials designed to protect your device. Counterfeit products do not offer this same quality and can discolor, peel, and crack very easily. Counterfeiters use low-quality materials that do not provide the proper durability and protection your valuable device deserves. We recommend that you check the case for any indication of poor design. The case should feel like it is a natural fit for your device and be easily installed.
BUY FROM TRUSTED SOURCES. We suggest only buying from authorized resellers. That way the product can easily be validated for authenticity and is guaranteed to be covered by our warranty. Products purchased elsewhere do not qualify for the Incipio® warranty.
CHECK THE PACKAGING. Beware of products that are missing their original retail packaging or come in damaged boxes.
CHECK THE PRODUCT. We go to great lengths to assure quality. Cases with rugged edges, sharp corners, and rough finishes are all red flags. If something feels off about it, it more than likely is not an authentic Incipio® product.

We are doing our best to keep counterfeit products off the market. If you think you might have seen or purchased a counterfeit case, please feel free to contact us.


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