The Earth deserves the best. So do you. So do all of us. That’s why we partnered with global materials specialist Eastman to use the very best.

We’ve always known sustainability is as important to us as anything else we do. We’re constantly asking how we can do better, source more responsibly, and how we can help change the landscape of our industry — shifting the standard from good enough to good for the planet, good for the world. Knowing one of our core ingredients is plastic, we went on the hunt to find the very best partner we could to shift our plastic source from conventional to sustainable. We quickly found Eastman. They’re a global leader in the materials industry, specializing in revolutionary materials that change the game when it comes to doing better.

Eastman works with some of the biggest brands in the world — including: Patagonia, Nike, Camelbak, Nalgene, Sigg, Everlane, Gap, Philips, Williams Sonoma, Reformation, OXO, Warby Parker, P&G, TupperwareBrands, and more — and we’re incredibly proud to be part of that list.

How It Works: Tritan Renew

It’s become a non-negotiable for us to guarantee that every single product we make uses sustainable materials. Eventually, with our 1:1 Promise, that every ingredient in every product will be sustainable, but that’s a goal we’re working toward. Today, we use a process called Molecular Recycling and a staple ingredient called Tritan Renew from Eastman. Tritan Renew is a molecularly recycled plastic that emphasizes a circular economic model — meaning, it encourages a company to be responsible for recapturing its product once it’s lived out its life, responsibly recycling it, and using it as a resource for new products.

By using Tritan Renew plastic, we’re able to create the same tough, BPA-free materials we want to use, while also diverting waste, reducing our carbon footprint and greenhouse house emissions, and replacing fossil-based resources.

Sustainably Better, Again and Again

Our design philosophy puts so many factors first, it’s hard to say any one is above another. We care about durability, sustainability, style, and function equally. But in today’s environmental landscape, we know sustainability and responsible design are in a category of their own. Fortunately, with partners and resources like we’ve found, we don’t have to make any concessions.

Protection Today For Tomorrow

We’re always learning and always moving forward. We know sustainability’s a process and we’re committed to the journey of always doing better, day after day.