stacked grip cases displaying texture on the case


Stop drops before they happen.

Stop drops before they happen, and protect your phone when they do.

Grip's cutting-edge technologies were created to keep your phone firmly in hand

14ft drop tested feature image

Impact Struts Technology

Protection tech from automotive and sports industries inspired our Impact Struts in each case, which flex and move to reduce the force of any impact

grip multi directional textures feature image

Multidirectional x-grips

Extensively-tested, no-slip multidirectional x-grips to deter slippage in all directions

antimicrobial feature image

Antimicrobial Protection

Eliminates and prevents 99.9 % of surface bacteria while offering long lasting antimicrobial and anti fungal protection

magsafe charger attaching to an incipio grip for magsafe case

Stop Drops. Energize Protection.

Designed for Use with The MagSafe Ecosystem of Accessories.