What’s New, What to Expect, How to Protect

The brand new Samsung Galaxy S24, S24+ and S24 Ultra were just announced and the rumors are finally over. We’re big fans of the Galaxy family of devices and couldn’t be more excited about the updates, new features, and — of course — the new colors. 


Here’s your cheat sheet for what’s new and what to expect: 

    • New Colors: Jade Green, Sapphire Blue, Sandstone Orange, Onyx Black, Marble Gray, Cobalt Violet, Amber Yellow
    • Mobile AI: Samsung is leaning into AI and features like Google’s  circle to search, live translate, chat assist, and photo assist are the big call-outs we’re looking forward to.
    • Zoom to 200 MP
    • Design: The S24 Ultra comes with a titanium body and the S24+ and S24 are fortified with armor aluminum for lighter and more protective performance.
    • DisplayThe brightest, most adaptive mobile screen available. 
    • Performance: Zero lag, just performance. More speed, more power, more heat dissipation.
    • Battery: Keep it going all day long and then some
    • Capacity: 128 GB or 256 GB



According to Samsung, their new color story is inspired by minerals and “Earth’s most precious minerals, [revealing] the power of nature” and there’s nothing that gets us more excited. We designed our entire Forme line around the natural colors and patterns we find in nature and are more than a little eager to put two and two together. 

Here are our recs for which case to match which Samsung Galaxy S24 color now:

Jade Green - cru. Brown Leather

Sapphire Blue - cru. Navy Camo

Sandstone Orange - cru. Navy Canvas

Onyx Black - Duo Black

Marble Gray - Forme Eternal Spring

Cobalt Violet - Forme Eternal Spring

Amber Yellow -  cru. Brown Leather

The Samsung Galaxy  S24, S24+ and S24 Ultra are available for pre-order now and available in-store on January 29, 2024. If you’re ordering or upgrading, be sure to shop for your new favorite case now so it’s already there when your device arrives.  

Here’s our whole collection for Samsung Galaxy S24, for Samsung Galaxy S24+, and for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. We can’t wait to protect your new Samsung and help you show off you.