Duo for iPhone 12 Pro Max

Made for: iPhone 12 Pro Max
$22.74 $34.99
Color: Black

Proving two is better than one, Duo combines minimalistic design with maximum protection. Our brand-new, two-piece protective case offers exactly what you’d expect from the pioneers in dual-layer technology; slim, easy-handling design with proven protection to defend against annoying bumps and drops that happen to everyone. Our innovative Impact Strut technology elevates drop protection to 12 feet, and a special new antimicrobial treatment prevents 99.9% of surface bacteria. Duo is the next evolutionary step for dual-layer defens

  • 12 Ft. Drop protection
  • Impact Strut protection tech reduces impact force
  • Raised-edge bezel protects screen
  • Soft-touch finish
  • Scratch & discoloration resistant
  • Antimicrobial protection eliminates 99.9% of surface bacteria
  • Works with wireless and MagSafe* charging
  • 5G compatible
  • Limited Lifetime guarantee

*This case is compatible with MagSafe charging and will not interfere with your charging experience.

*If you are looking to take full advantage of the MagSafe ecosystem including magnetic charging connection, mounts and accessories, we recommend pairing with one of our Made For MagSafe cases found HERE.


iPhone 12 Pro Max

  • Recycled Packaging

Customer Reviews

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Great Case!

I bought my phone and could not wait to get my case because I drop my phone all the time and need protection from myself! Ive always been an Incipio girl and this case did not disappoint. The finish in the case is smooth and comfortable and the protection is awesome. It is a sturdy cover and yet it looks sleek enough and does not add too much extra weight. Im a happy camper! Thanks for always being so reliable, Incipio. __

Protecting My Investment

I have been using Incipio phone cases for the last 5yrs. When I joined my employer they gave me a phone with an Incipio case. Even the old versions of the Duo were great. The Duo for the Pro Max is exactly what I expected. I had my iPhone 7 Plus for 4yrs and have dropped it 1000's of times and the phone screen never cracked, the case never broke, and I will be able to trade my phone for the first time and save some cash. Phones now are so expensive it is a must to protect your investment and this case is like buying insurance for your phone. Best of all it doesn't take away from the functionality of the phone. Every time I buy a new iPhone I order my case first so I don't have to worry about dropping it when it arrives. Five stars all day!