Organicore for iPhone 13 mini & iPhone 12 mini

Made for: iPhone 13 mini & iPhone 12 mini
$25.99 $39.99
Color: Ocean Blue

iPhone 13 mini & iPhone 12 mini

  • Recycled Materials
  • Recycled Packaging

Customer Reviews

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Pleasantly Surprised

This review is for both the charcoal and the dark blue case. I was hesitant at first to purchase something other than NGP because that is what I purchased the last time I got a new phone. NGP was just the perfect durable, comfortable, and visually appealing material. Ive found that apart from being a bit too slippery (similar to having slightly sweaty hands or a light oil residue on the case), the Organicore material also seems to be of the same durability and feel as NGP. Im pleasantly surprised as I would prefer to be as eco-friendly as possible without sacrificing too much quality and visual appeal. I just hope that durability holds up over a few years like NGP definitely did with no sign of softening. If not, the rating would have to be significantly reduced depending on how much it softens.

As for visual appeal, charcoal is good but black is always preferred for me. I realize darker black may not be feasible when going the eco-friendly route so Im willing to make the compromise if charcoal is as dark as possible for the material. Color seems consistent enough overall without any excessive mixed appearance that one might expect from eco or recycled material. The ridges on the sides of the case might be somewhat helpful for grip but take away from visual appeal. I dont think they help enough with grip to be a better design overall than having smooth visual appeal on the sides. A smooth surface is preferred and would be adequate grip for me. I also like that the camera cutout protrudes only just enough for camera protection compared to others that protrude excessively. Minimal protrusion is better for appearance but also doesnt make the phone too angled or tilted when placed on a flat surface. I would even prefer the entire case to be slightly thicker on the backside such that there is zero protrusion for the camera cutout. Protruding cameras are too goofy if cases end up having uneven back surfaces as a result.
The dark blue case is also a great color but could be so much better if the buttons were not a lighter blue. Consistency of the majority dark blue across the buttons would be perfect but the light blue buttons give it a slight juvenile toy vibe. Contrast or pop doesnt work for everything or appeal to everyone, if that was the intent.

Overall, likely the best case option on the market in my opinion due to material. Just a few things keep it from being perfect. Thanks to Incipio for making great cases!