Grip for MagSafe for iPhone 13 Pro Max & iPhone 12 Pro Max

Made for: iPhone 13 Pro Max & iPhone 12 Pro Max
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Color: Clear

iPhone 13 Pro Max & iPhone 12 Pro Max

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Consistently Excellent

Incipio has been my brand of choice for cellphone cases since 2008. I appreciate the quality, style, and security that your products provide my devices.

Hello Yehudi,
Thank you so much for being a loyal customer. Were delighted to hear that the Grip case line is working well and that you are enjoying it. Thank you for taking the time to share your 5 star rating with us. We very much appreciate it.

Bo Reed
Best case I have had. Work get with my car Mount

The case has raised area around the cameras that protects them and it is perfect heights love the grip on the edges. Makes it easier to take out of your pocket and adds more protection. Works great with my screen saver. Love the MagSafe

Excellent... Clear, MagSafe and Grippy

My first purchase, been using Casetify until now... I tried this case and I will not go back... It looks good, has the protection for the face, camera, corners and edges... Best of all is the "rough texture" on the sides to make it "almost" impossible to slip out of your hands... Well done!!!

Joseph Holmes
I really like it

October 1, 2021

The opening left to right is a good half mm larger than the full size FLOLAB iPhone 13 Pro Max black-edged screen spec of 75.26mm (I get 75.8X mm with my 6 micrometer).

And the up-down opening is almost a half mm taller than the 158mm spec of the screen protector. So as long as I nail the protector location within 200 microns its all good

Also: the back of the case is smooth inside, no holes between the many hexagon shapes, contrary to how it looked in pictures, smooth to within a mil or two perhaps.

AND the smooth areas of the outside of the case are very nicely less slippery than those of the outer piece of my OtterBox Commuter, which is barely tolerable in that sense.

Also, the grip treads, the Y-shaped protruberances that run down the long edges, arent the slightest bit uncomfortable on the fingertips. In no sense is the case a double/layer case, so it cant possibly protect as well as the Commuter, despite its 14-foot drop rating. But I really, really like it. Its all Id hoped it would be. It is a lot thinner than the Commuter, thanks to the approx. 2mm less thickness of the rear surface.

The inner surfaces of the edges of the case do have a rough texture, adding some measure of cushioning, but not much. Those shapes are not over half as tall as the outer bumps and perhaps a third as tall.

The white circle and line covering the MagSafe neodymium magnets are obviously two separate pieces of a plastic material, separate from but flush with the back of the main piece of the case.

Also: the side buttons are separate pieces from the case. I think they must be H-shaped in cross-section, ie they have a groove around their edges into which the inner edges of the side holes of the case have gone. They seem to have about a half mm of free travel. Im not certain but I think the buttons of the Commuter case are part of the main inner piece of the case. Ill be able to tell when I remove the Commuter from my 11 Pro Max later.

The three tiny corner feet on the back of the case are roughly one third as tall as the camera lens guard and they are part of the main piece of the case, not separate pieces protruding through from an inner piece. This case does not have an inner case and an
outer case!

The rear of the case is 0.079 thick, or exactly 2mm thick (plus about 1 micron). This is precisely the thickness recommended by Apple for MagSafe-compatible cases (and by that I mean the cases with the magnets embedded in a circle in them, not the cases that claim to be MagSafe compatible by virtue of the fact that magnetically charging the phone is merely possible (despite losing the automatic, required close alignment of the charging puck and the ability to hold a phone in a case firmly to a magnetic holder such as some dashboard phone holders.

Very good in every detail! (without yet having the phone to put it onto and without having tried to get the FLOLAB screen protector on in the right place, which might be readily accomplished by using the plastic frame guide that FLOLAB supplies, depending on its tolerances)

The impact struts still appear to be entirely fictitious, now that I have the case in hand, however.

As of today this is my favorite pick for a case for my forthcoming 13 Pro Max (from among hundreds? thousands?).