2-Pack 10W Wireless Charging Stand

Made for: Charging Dock
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The Griffin 10W Wireless Charging Stand is a device that will help compliment your life. With its ease-of-use, this charging stand works for any device that is compatible with Qi charging. It will communicate with your device to determine the optimal charging speed. This device performs best when paired with a 15W wall charger. (Micro-USB Cable Provided).

This wireless stand comes with an integrated LED that shows the charging status, so you know you are giving your device a steady, cord-free charge. The outer shell combines a sturdy exterior with a soft rubberized pad to rest any device on.


Flexible Power

  • This Wireless Charging Stand can provide a 10W charge to Qi-Compatible iPhones, AirPods, Androids and more.

Low Profile

  • This slim charging stand comes with a micro-USB charging cable that can be plugged directly into a USB-A wall adapter. (15W recommended).

Optimal Charging Speed

Charge directly from a 15W Wall Charger to achieve optimal wireless charging speed for your Qi-Compatible device (Up to 10W on certain devices).

  • Ease of Use
  • You can charge your device either upright or on its side. With dual charging coils, this device will give you the assurance that you are getting the most efficient wireless charge possible.

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