Duo for Samsung Galaxy S21

Made for: Samsung Galaxy S21
$16.49 $29.99
Color: Indigo Blue
SKU: SA-1093-IND

Proving two is better than one, Duo combines minimalistic design with maximum protection. Our brand-new, two-piece protective case offers exactly what you’d expect from the pioneers in dual-layer technology; slim, easy-handling design with proven protection to defend against annoying bumps and drops that happen to everyone. Our innovative Impact Struts technology elevates drop protection to 12 feet, and a special new antimicrobial treatment prevents 99.9% of surface bacteria. Duo is the next evolutionary step for dual-layer defense.

  • 12 Ft. Drop protection
  • Impact Struts protection tech reduces impact force
  • Raised-edge bezel protects screen
  • Soft-touch finish
  • Scratch & discoloration resistant
  • Antimicrobial protection eliminates 99.9% of surface bacteria
  • 5G Compatible
  • Lifetime guarantee

Samsung Galaxy S21

  • Recycled Packaging

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Reliable protection - although limited colors

I've been using the Duo for a few years now and think it's offers a good balance between protection and girth. That is, it adds minimal size/weight to the phone while offering good protection. However, we're disappointed that it's not offered in a wider variety of colors to make it easier for people in our household to visually distinguish one person's phone from another person's visually, quickly. The black and dark blue are too similar in color leaving the only other option that hideous 'salsa red'.

Thank you for taking the time to share your rating with us. We very much appreciate it. We love hearing from our customers and were always looking for ways to improve our products. Weve passed your feedback on to our product team. If theres anything we can do, please feel free to reach out at support@incipio.com.

Outdoor Girl
Keeps my phone safe in the field!

I have been using this case on my phone for nearly a year now and the phone is still in great shape! I work outside for my job and have dropped my phone more times than I would have liked. The case is still intact other than the fact that the textured "paint" (I'm not sure what it's actually called) is peeling off. I have had this stuff peel off all of my incipio cases within a year of getting each of them. The integrity of the case is not diminished by this, but the appearance is. I just have to buy a new case every year if I want it to look nice. Also, I wish there were more color options, especially a more deeper blue.

Thank you for taking the time to share your rating with us. We very much appreciate it.

Kris Good
Great Phone Case!!

Great protection without being huge and obtrusive. Nice feel to it and easy to grip material. The rubber exterior helps keep the phone in place when in a car or where there is movement. Great product. I've used this case on my last few phones. Keep up the good work!

Thank you so much for being a loyal customer. Were really glad this product is working out for you. If you ever have any questions about any of our upcoming products in the future please feel free to reach out at support@incipio.com.

Art M

Too smooth of a case. Doesn't feel secure in my hand

Best case hands down

4th Incepio on 4th new phone...never cracked a screen. Best protection at a reasonable price after trying a number of other phone case makers.