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Purely plant-based protection. Organicore is 100% ASTM, ISO and DIN certified compostable.

100% Plant-based. 100% ASTM Certified Compostable.

 Made to completely break down and go back to where it came from, every Organicore product is guaranteed 100% ASTM certified compostable in a compostable environment. Plus, for each case purchased, one tree is planted.

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Impact Struts Technology

Engineered with technology from automotive and sports industries, our Impact Struts Technology flexes and moves to reduce the force of impact.

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Plant-Based Protection

As strong as they come, this durable plant-based shell is made with 100% plants, guaranteed to break down.

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Raised Edge Protection

Because accidents aren’t planned for. Raised bezel edges protect your screen and camera lenses from drops and uneven surfaces.

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100% Plant-Based. 100% Protection.

Certified Compostable

Organicore is certified to meet or exceed global testing standards. ASTM D6400 and EN 13431.

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