Android Headlines

"The Carnaby case in the Esquire Series from Incipio is definitely a looker on the Galaxy Note 8."

Android Central

"It's sleek, it's suave and it looks great when you're wearing a suit or business-professional attire."


"The case is solid, different, and makes a phone a little bit more fun. In short, I find no faults with this case. In fact, I really like it."

Android Central

"The real eye-catching feature here is the ultra-soft fabric finish on the exterior of the case."

Tech Radar

"But if you're tossing the idea around, you might want to try the Esquire Slim case, which is one of the most low-profile options we've found so far."

PC Mag

"Dressed for business"

Best Products

"One of the most stylish offerings currently available"


"The Incipio Carnaby is one of the most stylish cases around."


"This beautiful case remains one of the best Pixel 2 XL cases around."


"The DualPro case gives you scratch and impact protection in a stylish minimal package."

Business Insider

"And I don't know whether other cases from Incipio or other case makers could protect the Galaxy S9 as well. All I know is that the Galaxy S9 display is made of strong glass, and the Incipio Dualpro is a good case."

Android Guys

"Military grade durability in a footprint that suggest otherwise."

Android Police

"It's always been a reliable way to get quality and protection out of a case. That statement reigns true with the DualPro for the Pixel 2 XL, which really doesn't have any downfalls."

Digital Trends

"...stands up well to everyday knocks and tumbles."


"Something subtle and streamlined that actually goes with your outfit? Now that's what we've needed."