AirPods cases are finally here. Whether you’re trying to refresh your AirPods or protect your new pair from bumps and scratches, we’ve got you covered. Our team worked hard to ensure these cases fit seamlessly into your everyday life. Now for some insider info. We reached out to some of our team members to hear what they think.

“I was burnt out on the bulky cases I have used before, so I was impressed at how light and nice the Incipio Organicore AirPods case felt in my hand. The material finish is very smooth but also enjoyable to touch. It makes you want to keep the case in your hand and adds to the enjoyment when you pick them up and flip them open. The unique tone of blue helps them standout, but also doesn’t take away from the aesthetic as this shade of blue is desaturated. Although these are nice and slim this Organicore case still has a protective feel. I chose to not use the landyard it comes with as I either will have them at home or securely organized in my bag. I love my AirPods and I love how well this case protects them without taking away from the user experience. Plus this isn’t some plastic junk that is going to end up in a landfill and instead is 100% compostable when I’m done with them!” – Mark

“I absolutely love my new Organicore Airpod case. It’s super light and slim, and the soft touch finish feels great in the hand. You can tell that the case is extremely sturdy and protective as well.

The mystic blue color is fantastic and it fits perfectly with the Organic nature of the case. Not only am I getting a quality case, but it’s great for the environment as well. I can actually compost the case later on, which is a major bonus for me!” – Ari

“The Incipio AirPods case adds an element of function and utility to my carry. The ability to attach my everyday essentials to the case helps me keep everything together and streamlined while moving though my day. The removable clip adds additional value and allows you the versatility to act as my daily key ring.” – Billy

“I love that this case not only adds style to my AirPods, but it’s also designed to protect the environment. It’s an accessory that I’m proud to wear!” – Lauren