She’s your all-around number 1 and a new phone case is something she probably needs so why not give her what she deserves – the best!


She cares about you the most but cares about the environment too. Organicore is our newest line of 100% fully compostable cases. It is designed with the earth and the eco-friendly mom in mind, plus offers 6 feet of drop protection, and wireless charging compatibility. With Organicore you can do good for your mom and for the earth.


If she’s the first to hop on trends and is never too extra, our design collection will be a perfect fit. The patented shock-absorbing flex2o technology protects it from those “uh oh” moments when a phone drops. The premium scratch-resistant finish stays glamorous even through the messiest mom moments. Add a little sparkle to her day with the Cranberry Sparkler!


Your mom does it all, especially right now. Put her needs first and help her out by giving her the gift of a phone case and wallet all in one. Our Stashback 2.0 cases hold up to 3 credit cards, your ID and cash. With 11 feet of drop protection, it will protect from even the worst of drops. And it’s easy to wash with a little bit of soap and water (safer than bringing an entire wallet to the store too if you ask us).


Wireless charging might be the best gift (for both of you). Mom can easily charge her phone without having to plug it in and still take her important calls while it charges. The integrated LED indicates charging status with a simple glance and the smooth matte finish fits in with any home or office aesthetic. Give the gift of a fully charged phone without the hassle.

We’re sure you’ll find the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Browse the site now to find the gift she deserves!