Duo for iPhone SE (2022/2020), iPhone 8, iPhone 7 & iPhone 6s/6

Made for: iPhone SE (2022/2020), iPhone 8, iPhone 7 & iPhone 6s/6
$22.74 $34.99
Color: Black

Proving two is better than one, Duo combines minimalistic design with maximum protection. Our brand-new, two-piece protective case offers exactly what you’d expect from the pioneers in dual-layer technology; slim, easy-handling design with proven protection to defend against annoying bumps and drops that happen to everyone. Our innovative Impact Struts Technology elevates drop protection to 12 feet, and a special new antimicrobial treatment prevents 99.9% of surface bacteria. Duo is the next evolutionary step for dual-layer defense.

  • Drop protection up to 12 feet from Incipio’s new Impact Strut technology, derived from proven protection tech found in the automotive and sports industries.
  • Extended height raised-edge bezel protects screen from impacts on uneven surfaces like pavement.
  • Soft-touch, scratch-resistance helps maintain a smooth surface and brand-new shine while defying the kind of discoloration associated with blue jean dye, hand lotions, sunlight, etc.
  • Antimicrobial treatment reduces bacteria that promotes stains and odors by 99.9%.
  • Wireless charging and 5G compatible.
  • Limited Lifetime guarantee

iPhone SE (2022/2020), iPhone 8, iPhone 7 & iPhone 6s/6

  • Recycled Packaging
  • Recycled Materials

Customer Reviews

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Smooth and Protective

I’ve been using Incipio cases for a long time and the quality does not disappoint. The case isn’t bulky on the phone and I like the little notches on the back of the case that prevent the phone from sliding on the table. The case doesn’t obstruct the camera either. I think the only thing that may bother some people is that pressing the side button feels a bit tough, but the volume buttons are fine. Overall, I recommend this case if you want a simple case that does its job on protecting your phone from accidental drops.

We are so glad to hear that you are loving Duo for iPhone SE. Thank you for taking the time to leave us great feedback. We greatly appreciate it!

Love this phone case!

This is my second Incipio iPhone case and I didn't even consider another brand. The first one lasted 7 years (so did my phone!). Yes, I am slow to upgrade my technology. The case has a great "grippy" feel to it, and the corners are reinforced - let's face it, when we drop our phone, it usually hits the ground on a corner. I feel like this case really protects my phone without being too big and boxy - that was one of my criteria, a phone case that didn't make my phone bigger! This case is sleek and attractive especially in the salsa red.

Thank you so much for being a loyal customer. Were delighted to hear that the Duo case line is working well and that you are enjoying it. Thank you for taking the time to share your 5 star rating with us. We very much appreciate it.


I really love this case. I got this case for my work phone more so to use at home, as I have another Incipio case that I use while Im at work and in the field. Both cases are really fantastic. They have protected my phone, especially when I accidentally dropped it, so I am very happy with this product. I definitely recommend to all.

the duo iPhone SE case I recently bought from yall

be incredibly careful about putting the phone in the case other than that this a solid case.made my phone feel lighter in my hand and pocket

It's beautiful surprised nobody put a review

I'd recommend it to mechanics let's see I was particular on a case at Verizon first iPhone since the 3GS got a 7 guy at a Verizon said this one works great he offered is iPhone 11 up as sacrifice and told me to throw it I said no he threw it anyways that phone survived I bought it immediately have had this case for a year now it has a crack and still no problems btw you need that guy as a salesman he really sells this excellently