PowerJolt Quad 4 Port Car Charger

Made for: Universal
$25.99 $39.99
Color: Black/Grey
SKU: GC43280

Family road trip? Ride-share driver? Have a lot of awesome technology? The PowerJolt Quad—4 Port Car Charger is the ultimate charger when it comes to charging devices on the road. It features four USB-A ports, two built directly into the adapter and two attached to a six-foot long cable that reaches the back seat in any vehicle, so every passenger has high-speed power at their fingertips. This car charger is built with Griffin’s reliable overcharge prevention technology, so you don’t have to worry about burning out your battery—it automatically powers your devices at the rate it needs.

  • 48-watt total output port between four USB-A ports
  • Two 12-watt USB-A output ports at car charger adapter (5V/2.4A)
  • Two additional 12-watt USB-A output ports on a 6-foot long cable capable of reaching the back seat of any vehicle
  • LED status indicator light shows when device is powered