Survivor All-Terrain Earth for iPhone 13 Pro Max

Made for: iPhone 13 Pro Max & iPhone 12 Pro Max
$35.74 $54.99
Color: Black/Wild Fern Green

All-Terrain Earth is our most sustainable, and protective case yet. How did we do it? By flipping case design inside-out, starting at the core. All-Terrain Earth leverages sustainable materials to suspend your device in an ultra-protective sandwich of soft, shock-absorbing layers. In fact, Earth delivers 4 layers of protection comprised of both soft and hard sustainable bio-resins for a superior balance of ergonomics, such as a lighter weight, ultra-grip and durability. Eco-friendly to the max, inspired by actual use cases, Earth delivers the ultimate level of sustainable protection.

  • 20-ft of drop protection tested to military standards (MIL-STD-810G)
  • Made from sustainable materials
  • Four-layer protection with parametric shock-absorbing technology
  • Raised-edge bezel protects screen and camera
  • Antimicrobial defense
  • Dust resistant port covers and mute switch
  • Textured grip on the sides and back for superior hold
  • Inspired by performance design in proven products
  • Scratch resistant
  • Discoloration defense
  • Works with wireless and MagSafe* charging
  • 5G Compatible​
  • Slim and ergonomic
  • Recycled packaging
  • Guaranteed for life​

*This case is compatible with MagSafe charging and will not interfere with your charging experience.

*If you are looking to take full advantage of the MagSafe ecosystem including magnetic charging connection, mounts and accessories, we recommend pairing with one of our Made For MagSafe cases found HERE.


iPhone 13 Pro Max & iPhone 12 Pro Max

  • Recycled Packaging
  • Recycled Materials

Customer Reviews

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Average case with one class leading feature.

For the price I was disappointed that this case did not include a front or clip cover like past versions I have purchased. However despite offering less protection than before, the elevated "lip" on the back edge of the case is still pretty unique and makes it notably easier to grip while greatly reducing the risk of dropping my iPhone compared to all others I have tried. Something else worth noting is that over time the middle back of my case (made of rubber) has started to warp and bubble a little. This might be somewhat hard to notice on the black version but is visible on the green one I own.

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The Ring/Silent switch doesnt work

Im from Spain, a friend of my cousin recommended me this case to the the iPhone 13 pro max.. the time to arrive was too long. Now I have the case on but the Ring/silent Switch doesnt work. Its the only part who doesnt has good quality in materials. It is a big mistake in a expensive case. I would like a refund or any solution

Hello SergioMendez,
Thank you for reaching out about this issue. We are terribly sorry to learn that your Survivor All-Terrain Earth case did not work out. Our Customer Support team would be happy to help. Please reach out at for assistance.

Protects well, but not great overall

The two upsides is that it protects your phone extremely well from casual drops, and it is relatively slim. However, as other reviewers have stated, the mute toggle switch broke after a few months. Plus, the cover for the charger port has also broken so the flap just hangs open permanently. It probably would have been better to just remove the flap completely from the design. The inner layer of the plastic has broken in a couple places so if I take the phone out of the case, it falls apart. Its far from being as bulky as an otterbox but its still noticeably heavier than I prefer. Finally, it works with many wireless chargers but not all of them including in my vehicle. Overall, I would probably recommend something a little lighter with less design flaws.

Hello, Thank you for reaching out about this issue. Our Customer Support team would be happy to help. Please reach out at for assistance.

Survived punishment

I bought this case in November 2021 and received it shortly (1 week to arrived). My phone dropped multiple times during the course of 4 months by my toddler and myself. Inside my house the phone was dropped several times with the maximum high reaching 5 feet unto tile floors. Outside the house, my phone was dropped in asphalt while getting out of my car (lousy baggy pants). At the end of the abuse, the case vibrator switch broke off and the inside protection layer (plastic frame) broke into 4 pieces. No doubt if it werent for the plastic frame absorbing and breaking the impact energy, my phone would have not survived intact, As a mechanical engineer Im amazed the protection this case has given me considering the punishment. AirTags, Apple Pay and other NFCs features worked great with phone inside the case. The only negative thing for this case is that is not MagSafe compatible. I recommend this case and definitely will buy again to protect my 1300+ phone.

Hi Irvin,
Were delighted to hear that the Survivor All-Terrain Earth case is working well and that you are enjoying it. Thank you for taking the time to share your 5 star rating with us. We very much appreciate it.

Marine 22
Great design

Great purchase not Bulky, only back doesnt work on my wireless charger.